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A perfect compliment to our 2-tier steps, the 2-tier corner step is also available to complete a wrap around look.

Get it all together with a two-tier stair package. Side, end, and corner units are available to help customize your spa. Also goes well with the 18” plant holder.

Our solid 2-tier steps add safety and convenience for ease of access to and from your ground-level spa, as well as additional seating outside your spa! Available in a variety of widths (36", 64" and 72") to suit all spas

This 36" step provides six cubic feet of storage space for towels, toys, or accessories and can double as a beverage cooler. It also makes a convenient cool down bench seat.

The 3-tier corner step is the perfect wrap-around companion for our 3-tier steps. The curved corner unit adds a sleek, finished look, while providing the ideal space to complement your spa with foliage.

Step on up with a total triple stair package. Side, end, and corner units all designed to fit any model of Arctic or Coyote spas.

Climb your way up in the spa world with these solid 3-tier entry steps! Available in a variety of widths (36", 64" and 72") to suit all of our spas, each step is approximately 8 inches high with 11" treads.

This new 3-tier storage step combines ease of entrance with the convenience of handy storage and out-of-spa seating. Two individual roomy bins provide easy top access and almost six cubic feet of storage. What will you keep

Complete the look of the Arctic Ocean Swim Spa with a wrap around corner 4-tier step. Use it as a place to put your towel or snazz it up with some great looking outdoor plants.

Add the finishing touch with a total 4-tier stair package. Side, end, and corner units all designed especially for the mother of all spas, the Arctic Ocean!

Our 4-tier steps add ease of access to and from your Arctic Ocean Swim Spa. The dimensions are 183 cm long x 65 cm tall (72

The wraparound combination of two side bars and a corner bar with a set of bar stools creates a convenient multipurpose entertainment counter that you’ll use even when no one is in the spa!

Accent your spa and accessories with red wood cedar bar stools. At 23” high, these sturdy bar stools are the ideal height for any of our spa bar packages. Each stool has a 15” diameter and a footprint of 18.5” square. An ext

Our cafe table is perfect for mid-morning coffee or romantic drinks for two beside your spa. This gorgeous table stands 37" high.

Used alone or in combination with one or two sidebars or other accessories, the corner bar is a flexible addition to your spa package. Bar stools not included.

Due to the amazing efficiency of our HeatLock® system, in warmer summer environments we will often see spas maintaining 40ºC (100ºF)temperatures. These doors release some heat from inside the cabinet to moderate water tempera

This 18" planter is the perfect way to add foliage for privacy or decoration. It complements the end of step units and comes as an easy-to-assemble kit. Plant holder does not include plant, pot, or soil. 18" H x 18" W x 18" L

Perfect for keeping your robes fresh and dry while you enjoy your spa, our robe tree stands 60

Available to fit any of our spas, these 11" deep side bars can be used alone or in combination with a corner bar to form a wraparound entertainment area perfect for your back yard festivities. Bar stools not included.

Solo bars are the perfect compliment for your spa and add the finishing touches to your backyard retreat. The bar features rounded corners for a sleek, finished look and is perfect for entertaining. Sized to match your spa

The new 72" storage bar features two tapered bins (each 29" x 11" x 10") and is conveniently designed for access from within the spa. Snacks, rubber ducks, beverages, books or magazines, the storage bar will keep all of your


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