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Seating Capacity 6 adults
Dimensions 171 3/4" x 92 3/4" x 50 3/4" (436cm x 236cm x 129cm)
Water Capacity 1559 US Gallons (5100 liters)
Hot Tub Jets (7) 5" Single Pulse Jets
  (32) 3" Single Pulse, and Directional Jets
  (2) 3" Neck Jets
  (6) Monsoon Swim Jets
Jet Pump 1 Dual-speed 4 HP White Water Spa Pump with class 5 EMG motor
Jet Pump 2 Single-speed 4 HP White Water Spa Pump with class 5 EMG motor
Jet Pump 3 Single-speed 4 HP White Water Spa Pump with class 5 EMG motor

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3-in-1 Hot Tub | Endless Lap Pool | Above Ground Pool

Enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool and a hot tub together in one awesome unit. The Arctic Ocean is our newest and largest member of the Arctic Spa hot tub family. This spa incorporates many of the benefits of a swimming pool into a family hot tub.

Our Family Fun and Fitness spa combines the therapeutic side of hot tubbing with the entertainment and fitness aspects of the pool to provide years of therapy, health, fitness, exercise, social and family fun into one unit – the Swim Spa. Enjoy an amazing massage while the kids play, or burn some calories with an invigorating swim. Enjoy low impact activity and great cardiovascular workouts anytime. Whether it’s fitness, fun, or family this tub is guaranteed to please.

There are two ways to swim for beginners to advanced users – counter-current jets or a resistive tether. Its like swimming in a never ending lap pool. Lots of fasteners for the rowing kit or resistive bands, grab bars, and optional exercise accessories. And because the Ocean swim spa is an Arctic it is extremely cheap to run and fully accessible for upgrades or repairs.

The Arctic Ocean is the first and only swim spa specifically designed for extreme climates. Just like Arctic Spas brand hot tubs, the Arctic Ocean swim spa is built to endure extreme cold winters and to be easily upgraded with new options. Access panels on all sides and our trademarked FreeHeat™ insulation system make the Ocean the most sensible and affordable swim spa to own in the world.

Even if you don’t get cold winters, owning a swim spa that is overbuilt for your climate makes sense. It will outlast and outperform other brands that are built to endure only mild climates. Watch a short video testimonial about the Arctic Ocean here > Or scroll down for detailed specifications.

The 14’ Ocean is the largest member of the Arctic Spas® family and incorporates many of the benefits of a swimming pool into a family hot tub. This family fun and fitness spa combines the therapeutic side of hot tubbing with the entertainment and fitness aspects of a swimming pool.

The Ocean retains all of the key features of the Arctic Spas® line – the same Self Supporting Hull, our Perimeter Insulated Cabinet with FreeHeat™, optional Forever Floor™ and all of the cutting edge technology, filtration and purification options as well.

For many spa owners, the cost of operation for a swim spa is a source of concern. With the Arctic Ocean, the same technologies that make our hot tubs so efficient are not only achievable but also perhaps even more relevant on a large volume of water where those efficiencies can make an even bigger difference on your power bill!

Each Arctic Ocean uses high flow Arctic Swim jets to provide the resistance current, with each pair of these massive jets powered by a capable EMG motor. Swimming or other athletic movements executed against water requires more e

ffort, and this increased effort can give a great training effect. As your body is more buoyant in the Ocean, your effort is not hampered or limited by constantly impacting the ground, your skeletal system receives lower loads and your fitness can improve with little to no chance of injury.

Resistance Swimming (optional)

Swimming against the completely adjustable current in an Arctic Ocean is a fantastic workout. Getting started on your fitness plan, take your fitness to a new level or refine your technique – the Arctic Ocean is the perfect place for all your fitness and wellness goals. You have several options in the Ocean, the most common is to swim head-on into the current. You can however, with the assistance of the Super Swim Pro tether, swim with or without the current, in either direction. The tether not only adds resistance but assists with proper technique and body positioning.

Resistance Band Training Area (optional)

Your Ocean can be equipped with a complete resistance band fitness station. Use the variety of resistance bands as you execute a range of movements, including training with the rowing station. Stainless steel rowing arms allow for smooth rowing action, and ergonomic heel cups keep you perfectly positioned.

Relaxing and Therapeutic Spa Area

The Ocean features sculpted seating and well-thought therapy jet positioning to provide a regenerative experience for up to 6 people, and 6 water features add to the fun and relaxation as well. Enjoy low impact activity, or vigorous cardiovascular workouts anytime, and always have the option of a relaxing massage afterwards.

Fun, Included…

The Ocean is much more than a fitness spa though. We have ensured there is variation in depth to keep everyone safe and comfortable, and 6 water features to keep young, and not so young amused. Add one of our advanced LED Lighting packages, and perhaps one of our audiovisual options and entertaining takes on a whole new aspect!

Whether it’s fitness, therapy, fun or family, the Arctic Ocean really is the ultimate backyard retreat.

Standard Features

  • All Weather Pool Features

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